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October 5th - November 30th

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November 8th - January 3rd

Wednesdays @ 5pm MT

December 7th - February 1st

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Profit First
We are big fans of the Profit First system for small business finance, created by Mike Michalowicz.
Take your profit first
Adjust to your true OpEx
Accumulate cash & kiss stress goodbye
If you’re struggling with making your small business profitable, we highly recommend reading this book!
7 Deadly Sins of Taxes
(and how to avoid them!)

Making one of these seven deadly sins of taxes can derail you on your journey to financial freedom! Read this guide to learn how to:

Avoid traps relating to commonly audited small business deductions.

Keep your personal taxes separated from your business.

Ensure you’re ready to save on taxes when your side hustle becomes a main hustle!

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