Tax Resolution

Got a surprise IRS letter? Our Tax Resolution Specialists can help.

TAX ISSUES Can Change Your Life

Many IRS debts can not be discharged in bankruptcy.
Not knowing “IRS lingo” can make you confused and lost in the process.
Time is of the essence – if you miss a deadline you can lose your appeal rights!
Penalties and Interest can easily add 50% or more to your balance due.
IRS Revenue Officers can seize the money from your bank accounts.
Making an offer to pay less than you owe is complex and requires extensive knowledge of the IRS rules!
What starts with a single tax issue can quickly spiral into multi-year audits.
The IRS can forcibly sell your home and other assets.
You don’t get a second chance to do things right the first time.

Our tax resolution specialists are here to fight for you and your family so that you can protect your financial future.

We’re tax resolution SPECIALISTS.

Our team of tax resolution specialists are here to take the lead on your IRS and state tax issues. You can finally get back to sleeping easily knowing that our team is fighting for you and your family.


Working With the IRS

We understand the IRS and the complex tax laws that apply to our clients. We work directly with Revenue Agents to come to a resolution of your tax issues on the most favorable terms possible.


Identifying IRS Issues

We can quickly examine your IRS account and identify the issues that need to be addressed with the IRS. We can proactively identify other potential danger areas and guide you on the path to a successful IRS audit.


Ensuring Fair Repayment Terms

If you owe the IRS money, having our team on your side will ensure that you understand your repayment options. Many times we can settle cases for less than what is owed or secure repayment terms that won’t break the bank.
Three Easy Steps to Peaceful Rest

We know the IRS policies and rules, so you don’t have to. These three easy steps let us get to work fighting for you & stop you from having to deal with the IRS.

Identify Issues
We utilize our Transcript Watch service to identify IRS issues you may not be aware of before our first appointment.
Meet with Our Experts
We meet together to discuss your IRS issues and make a plan to begin fighting for you.
Rest Easy
We do the heavy lifting and work with the IRS to resolve your tax issues. Rest easy knowing our experts have your back.
Just need to ask some questions?

If you’re not sure where to begin, we can help you with our Tax Urgent Care service. Our tax resolution specialists will review your tax account and meet with you for an hour to discuss your options. If you decide to move forward with our tax resolution services, we’ll credit your account for the cost of the consultation.
$397 one-time cost


Get Transcript Watch protection for one year, regardless of you moving forward with resolution.


One Hour Consultation with one of our tax resolution experts to discuss strategy.


Peace of Mind knowing your available options and clarity on the path ahead.

7 Deadly Sins of Taxes
(and how to avoid them!)
Making one of these seven deadly sins of taxes can derail you on your journey to financial freedom! Read this guide to learn:
How to avoid traps relating to commonly audited small business deductions
How to keep your personal taxes separated from your business.
How to ensure you’re ready to save on taxes when your side hustle becomes a main hustle!
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